Which WOW toner is best for me?

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Here's a quick guide, stay tuned for more launches in the future!

10-In-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Mist Tonic: Plant-powered by raw Apple Cider Vinegar from the Himalayas to hydrate, soothe, and balance skin’s pH levels on-the-go! (Balances skin)

Vitamin C Mist Toner: Energize dull skin with our Vitamin C Toner! Plant-powered by anti-aging lemon and orange essential oils to protect, firm, and fight acne. Witch hazel extract purifies pores, soothes, and repairs, while aloe vera nourishes dehydrated skin for a gorgeous glow! (Smooth and evens out skin)

Coconut Super Rich Toner: Give dry dullness an instant pick-me-up with WOW Skin Science Coconut Super Rich Facial Toner! This multitasking mist is packed with skin-loving actives to refine pores for a smooth skin appearance, and balance oils on-the-go. (Hydrates skin)

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