How do I properly wash my face?

Make your skincare work better for you with a proper cleansing routine! Most people should cleanse twice a day (morning and night), but sensitive skin can cleanse once at night and refresh skin with water in the morning.

To wash your face, dispense a pea-sized amount of our plant-powered face wash onto your fingers. Activate with water by adding a few drops, and rubbing your hands together. Start cleansing in circular motions for a total of 60 seconds, starting on your T-zone (nose and cheeks) where people tend to be oiliest, and working towards the forehead, jaw, and neck. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, making sure to remove any suds on your hairline that can cause acne if left behind.

Follow up with your skincare products, starting from the lightest/thinnest to the thickest consistency, leaving 1 min in between each step for the product to properly absorb. Seal in your skincare with a moisturizer or non-comedogenic facial oil for glowing skin!

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