How to use the WOW Microfiber Face Towel?

The Microfiber Face Towel is an easy, eco-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes! Here's how to use it:

  • Wet the Microfiber Face Towel
  • To remove makeup, gently wipe across your face, starting with more stubborn makeup like mascara and liquid lipstick.
  • To remove a face mask, hold the towel to your skin for a few seconds to break down the face mask. Wipe away gently. Rinse and reuse until all of the face mask is removed.
  • To cleanse your face and body, apply a few drops of face wash or WOW Skin Science Foaming Body Wash (less is more!) Lather up the towel, and gently rub in circular motions. Rinse the towel, and wipe away any suds.

Get ready to WOW!

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